Knifemaking, Materials and Factory knives

I am a custom knifemaker. Rob Sprokholt is the name. As a first-hour internet user I use an alias:
Buckx Gatherwood
Many years ago I placed the picture of my first knife on the internet with the question: How is my first knife..
It has developped to the brand Gatherwood knives, a book about knifemaking, a knife shop on the internet with factory knives and a supply shop.
Gatherwood knives are 100% handmade and all unique. Usually I work with exothic materials, like damascenersteel, mammoth ivory, carbon fibre and real woods. The wood is always oiled in the authentic way. It takes me about 40 hours to make a knife...
Sometimes it looks like the knives are jewels.., but they are made and designed to use as knives

Buckx Gatherwood

Gatherwood knives

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