Snout Hunter

This knife is made of 440-C Chroomsteel and is hardened to 58 Hrc and has a satinised finish.

The blade is well over 5 milimeter thick and has extra grip on the spine so it is easy to manage.

The handle is made of G-10 in duo-tone black-green. The 5 pins are massive (first quality) silver.

With a total length of 19,5 cm it is a short handy knife.

By holding the knife upfront it is possible to work close to the material.

The lanyard makes it possible to tight the knife to your wrist so you will not loose it when you are working on a difficult place.

Price: Sold
(excl. sheath)

Holding the knife upfront. (Picture of a person with big hands!)

Women's hand (in the forward posision.)